Shapoorji Pallonji Investment Advisors Private Limited (SPIAPL) was established in 2010 as part of Shapoorji Pallonji Group’s synergistic expansion strategy and to leverage the Group’s experience of more than 150 years in real estate development and construction verticals.

Since inception, SPIA, a unique fully-integrated real estate development and investment advisory platform, has consistently delivered value to all its stakeholders.

About SP Infocity*

SP Infocity is an institutionally owned, Grade A development spread over ~42.8 acres. The asset has several environmental and sustainability-focused features which appeal to global occupiers. We stand for green business buildings that demonstrate rigorous planning and impeccable execution. Our well-designed spaces and beautifully landscaped layouts promote a healthy work-life balance.

The project brings modern infrastructure, eco-friendly design, and thoughtful amenities under one roof. It is designed as per globally recognized environmental efficiency standards that reduce operating costs.

The campus offers both IT and IT SEZ space to tenants that allow them to avail the various direct and indirect tax benefits (subject to eligibility, applicable laws, and government policies).

*This Property is mortgaged to IDBI Trusteeship Services Ltd acting on behalf of ICICI Bank Limited and HDFC Bank Limited. NOC from mortgagee will be obtained, as and when required.

Accommodating all things nice


Accommodating all things nice

“Promoting a healthy work environment with plants, circadian lighting and opportunities to meditate and exercise improved work performance by 22 percent.”

– According to CBRE’s Healthy Offices Research team

  • Manicured gardens spread over 10 acres of landscaped areas
  • Soothing water bodies interspread within the campus
  • Covered pedestrian pathways provided along SEZ perimeter
  • Sports arena with multiple options such as indoor cricket turf with bowling machine, pool table, table tennis etc.
  • Fine dining area and multi-cuisine food courts
  • Yulu bike service for easy commute

Planning that extinguishes every chance of accidents


Planning that extinguishes every chance of accidents

“Fires cost U.S. businesses more than $328 billion in annual costs.”

– According to a study by MCR Safety

  • Centralized fire control and integrated fire alarm systems
  • Ceiling mounted fire extinguishers installed to enhance fire handling capacity
  • Sprinkler system and smoke & heat detection system
  • Public address system in the common area
  • Gas detection system in STP

Securing your business


Staying on the watch for your business

“While five years back physical security assessment was rare, today almost 50% per cent organizations conduct a physical security risk assessment once a year.”

– According to IFSEC India

  • Strong surveillance system with over 650 cameras
  • Access control systems to restrict unauthorized access to utility areas
  • Pillar guards installed in all parking areas
  • Driveway and parking signages to facilitate movement across campus
  • 24×7 Help desk services

Building a future that is bright and green


Building a future that is bright and green

“55% of consumers worldwide would pay a premium for products offered by companies that are eco-friendly.”

– According to a Nielsen study

  • 1.1 MW solar panels for common area electricity
  • Energy efficient LED lights used across campus
  • Effective IBMS system for monitoring and control of MEP equipments
  • Active water conservation with rain-water harvesting system
  • Zero discharge sewage treatment plant
  • Efficient hydro-pneumatic systems for landscaping
  • Heat reflective paint on all terraces to reduce roof temperature and thereby decreasing the HVAC cost
  • Express feeder from MSEB: stable power supply leading to minimal usage of DGs
  • 100% power back-up for entire campus
  • Organic waste converter to process food and garden waste into re-usable products such as books and manure

Nurturing employee health and wellbeing


Nurturing employee health and wellbeing

“68% of senior HR leaders rated employee wellbeing and mental health as a top priority.”

– According to The Future Workplace 2021 HR Sentiment survey

  • Installation of UVGI and VOC eliminators to improve the indoor air quality for the tenants and for energy efficiency
  • Studies have shown that UV rays have been found to be effective in pandemic control by eliminating airborne microbes such as Coronavirus, SARS, H1N1 etc.
  • Superior air quality with demand control ventilation system consisting of VAV boxes and CO2 sensor
  • Availability of 24X7 ambulance services for medical emergencies

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