January 28, 2022

Building a future that is bright and green


Building a future that is bright and green

“55% of consumers worldwide would pay a premium for products offered by companies that are eco-friendly.”

– According to a Nielsen study

  • 1.1 MW solar panels for common area electricity
  • Energy efficient LED lights used across campus
  • Effective IBMS system for monitoring and control of MEP equipments
  • Active water conservation with rain-water harvesting system
  • Zero discharge sewage treatment plant
  • Efficient hydro-pneumatic systems for landscaping
  • Heat reflective paint on all terraces to reduce roof temperature and thereby decreasing the HVAC cost
  • Express feeder from MSEB: stable power supply leading to minimal usage of DGs
  • 100% power back-up for entire campus
  • Organic waste converter to process food and garden waste into re-usable products such as books and manure
  • Lower Cost of Operations
  • Lower Usage of Power and Water